Listening to: Michael McDonald - Love T.K.O.

I was using the restroom yesterday and took out my Blackberry 8310 to do a little toilet-internet surfing. After reading a few pages worth of's mobile version site, I started thinking to myself, "Wow, I'm sitting here on the toilet and I'm reading about a woman's battle with autism."

I remember roughly over a decade ago that I was secretly using a 14 pound laptop in 16-color Safe Mode (the only way I could connect to our ISP, Netcom, for some reason) to access the internet so I could download some low resolution hentai off some random website, getting blazing internet speeds on a 9600 baud modem. Now I find myself in a restroom, staying up to date with technological advancements across the world and in speeds I couldn't even dream about back in my adolescent days of yore (what in the world is a 14400?).

Technology has truly come a long way and it's only in these quiet moments of solitude do I ever properly acknowledge that fact.

In a completely unrelated note...

Here's a vector image I did for Kick Face Design this week: