An Interesting Weekend

Listening to: Nothing.

This has been quite the interesting weekend! I've got quite a lot of creative work done in addition to being able to spend time with some of the people closest to me. The work you see above is my first ever paper toy. I illustrated and designed it this weekend after a binge of paper toy research. If you click on it, you can find more information and build it yourself.


On Saturday, I went to go see some friends perform with their improv troupe (Hobofish) with Josie. It was quite something else because it was at a house party. And I don't mean your typical Kid 'n Play House Party, it was hosted by some people who work at Google and it exhumed an air of snobbery and extreme intelligence.

Anyway. Before the improv troupe started, Josie and I headed to the backyard to take a look around. A few moments later, a man also walks into the backyard holding a wine glass with about 1.5oz of wine in it (possibly grape juice, I'm not sure). He then proceeds to talk to us, uninhibited by the natural laws and rules of social interaction, on a non-stop verbal tirade of his "work".

I felt like I had opened the man's brain and was swimming around in it like Uncle Scrooge and his vault of money. Pretentious isn't even a word that scratches the surface of how this man sounded. Josie and I felt like we were being surrounded on all sides by this project. Luckily, the improv troupe started soon after (after the 25 minutes of listening to this man talk, that is) and the remainder of the night was smooth sailing.


Josie and I went to the Palm Sunday service and headed out to meet one of her good friends for lunch. Afterwards, which included one of the slowest sandwich making restaurants in the world and being a few feet from grazing cows, Josie and I went to Fry's because I wanted to see what was on sale.

At one particular moment in time, I found myself reading a magazine about illustration and digital effects that can be applied in Photoshop. While being totally engrossed with the article, I hear a man ask me, "Excuse me? Do you know high tech?"

I was confused at first but then realized that he was asking if I knew about computers and if I could give him an opinion on some he saw in a magazine. He then proceeded to make small talk while being suspiciously friendly, asking about what I do for a living and so on. It almost felt like me, trying to make small talk with a girl at a bus stop or something.

Then, for no reason at all, he proceeds to raise his leg and put his foot on the bottom shelf of the magazine rack. He looked like someone in the old black and white films trying to show that they have class, that they have money, and to be able to allow the viewer (me in this case) a very good look at their groinal region.

I came to the conclusion that this man was hitting on me.

After continuing to show my disinterest, he eventually came to the concluding line, "Well, it seems like you're busy," in which I quickly replied that I was, "so I'll let you get back to whatever it was you were doing," which was reading a magazine, "and thank you for your help on this computer stuff," in which I accepted his thanks, quickly took out my phone and started calling Josie to see where she was in the store.