It's Tax Season!

Listening to: Nothing.

That's right everyone, it's tax season!

I actually never have many qualms with doing my taxes. Since I don't make nearly enough or own enough things (property, cars, etc.) to really make it a difficult process, I find it something that just has to be done once a year like going to the dentist or getting a physical (all of which I haven't done in three years or so).

When I sign and fill out my W-2 forms when I start a new job, I always make sure the government takes out the most to ensure I get a return. I figure I'm not in dire need of cash at the moment, so all's well that ends well. I'm sure there's some kind of thing I could put on those forms to maximize the amount of money returned or kept from Uncle Sam, but the risk and trouble I feel is too high and I'm much too lazy of a person to really care.


When I file my taxes in the amazing software known as TurboTax (kisses), I always pretend I'm trying to max out the stats of my RPG character. Each form or new tax break from the government (like investing into a traditional IRA or something) is like adding new armor and stats to my character. Sometimes I see a really awesome piece of weaponry, like trying deduct my income because I recently moved, only to find out that I don't meet the requirements to get the tax break. It's like saying this Sword of Vampires requires 25 Strength points, but I only have 17.

I know, it's nerdy. However, in the end, it makes it all for a more enjoyable experience.

That and drinking while listening to music from Animal Crossing.