Some more websites!

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I was lucky enough to have a little thing posted about the Daring Diver Donnie papercraft toy I made recently on the Toys 'R Evil blog. I think it's going to my head.

I was also lucky enough to have a post about my recently revived project of the Little Woodbot toys over on the Bot Junkie blog. Much of the "flak" I've gotten is that people say it's just a few blocks of wood and Sharpie.

Little do they know that it's actually paint. Wood would absorb and spread Sharpie like a poorly made tie-dye shirt.

Luckily the new ones for Series 1 will be a bit more involved. There's a reason why it was called "Series 0" after all.

And of course, the two sites that started all of this Little Woodbot commotion to begin with: the blog and

And today's comment of the day goes to "lalo9652":
"jajajajajaja!!!! you are really good at jokes!!!! jajajajaja"