Happy Joker Day (and a new game)!

Feeling: Stressed and tired.

Hello everyone and Happy Joker's Day!

I actually don't know much about April Fool's Day, but Wikipedia.org sure does. So yes, go play a safe practical joke on your friends and/or neighbors today. Make sure you avoid jokes like putting a posting on Craig's List that says, "I'm moving. Everything in my house is free," and giving your ex-girlfriend's address.

So, the new game I made is called Poot Poot. It's basically a very simple one-button game mechanic where you control Poot Poot, the lactose intolerant cat. His problem? He loves him some milk and cheese. Press the space bar and you gas your way upwards. Let go and you fall back to Earth. Collect dairy and avoid the dogs. Simple!

You can read more about it on the game page or you can download it by clicking on the image below:

Download Poot Poot!

In other news, I was surfing Yelp the other day and came across this one guy's profile page.

Don't feel bad for him, he was a jerk.