Bulldog Boss

Listening to: Mr. Peterson run around (dang cat).

This is the Bulldog Boss that will appear in one of the levels for Poot Poot 2: The Cheddar Scare. I haven't attached his "Hook of Doom" yet. It's essentially a rotating hook that will follow Poot Poot and then launch across the screen. It will leave behind blue electric bolts that if you touch you will die. It will also shoot out blue bullets for you to dodge.

While the hook is still connected to the Bulldog, it will not take damage from your bullets.

I've decided to upload the tiny "tech demo" that shows how Poot Poot flies, shoots and attacks certain enemies.

Arrow keys are to move, space is to shoot, R is to restart and ESC is to quit. Sorry, PC only.

Download: Poot Poot 2: Tech Demo