Mr. Peterson

Listening to: Nothing.

So my cat has started to learn how to be an asshole. Granted, he's about 9-10 months, which equates to about 12 years old or so in human years. You know, the type of children I hate the most. It's all, "Look at me! Look at me!" and knock some planters over so you can clean up the mess.

It seems like Mr. Peterson is slowly trying to wake me up one hour earlier everyday. He got me at 5:30am this morning. I'm seeing if I can train him to leave me alone until the alarm on my phone goes off (Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky). Basically if he wakes me up early, he goes into the bathroom with the phone next to the door. When the alarm goes off, the door opens.

He also decided to be a little jerk and run rampant through the apartment, including jumping on the television stand area and behind the television. I think he's trying to kill himself.

Maybe I should have gotten a cat with two legs, then it'd at least stay in one place.

Am I cut out for cat ownership?