Bits and pieces updated...

Listening to: Dragon Quest String Quartet - Memories of a Lost World

I've gone and updated/fixed items over in the gallery and updated the store a bit. I just wanted to tidy up some things.

I can't help but fight the underlying feeling that this page I call a website is slowly falling apart from the inside out. It's like when the keel of a boat is shot to heck. As pretty as the outside is and as "good as you can repair" the boat, if the keel is lost then the whole boat is lost.

I just wonder how many cosmetic changes this thing can take before my computer melts into a pile of technological mush.

In other news, I'm swamped with freelance and getting the Little Woodbots ready for sale this Thursday. I don't foresee them flying off the shelves like hot cakes, but rather only until I release a "press release" to sites like or even

In the meantime, let's take a look at paint dry!

That's a lot of Shadow Bots.