Poot Poot 2: Spinny Enemy

Listening to: Animal Crossing - 8 A.M. (Spring)

I've got an update for Poot Poot 2: The Cheddar Scare! I've created a new enemy (#2) for the game. It is essentially a Scottish Terrier sitting in a circular mechanical machine that will fly in, stop and start spinning around and doing a "spinner bullet hell". The bullets aren't very hard to avoid. He can take about 20 bullets before exploding.

The game plan, essentially, is creating all of the enemies and bosses first. Then creating a timeline that will initiate when these enemies pop out during the course of the level. Then I have to also make sure the level is being constructed properly. I mean, to be honest, we can't just have stars scrolling in the background for the entire time... or can we...?