Listening to: Timbaland vs. Cheryl Lynn - Give It To Me To Be Real

Hello folks! I spent the evening working on my first mashup in a very long time. For those who are not familiar with what a "mashup" is, please follow this Wiki article about Mashups.

Without further ado, here is the internet debut of...

Timbaland vs. Cheryl Lynn
Give It To Me To Be Real
(download mp3)

Steps to Creation:
1. I basically took a listen to both songs so see how close they were in beat. Luckily they were both very similar in BPM with "Give It To Me" being slightly slower.

2. Then I just played a little bit of each song (following the bass line) on my guitar to see what key each song was in. With my somewhat out of tune guitar, "To Be Real" is in G and "Give It To Me" is in Ab/G#. Since I didn't want to lower vocals, as that always sounds strange, I decided to raise the pitch of "To Be Real".

3. Luckily "To Be Real" has very large sections of instrumental music and allowed making loops very easy. Isolating the pieces was pretty simple as well. The most difficult part was blending the hook into the verses as her singing starts before the measure's first beat.

4. Then I had to find an acapella version of "Give It To Me". Luckily someone on had one and I just ripped the stream.

5. The rest is just cut and paste of all the pieces from both songs into one thing. I tried my best to get all beats matching, but it was seriously a strange song in some parts. There were moments where one of the three artists (Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake) would start slurring their words into another one and just randomly plop out words from their mouths.

I think I've satiated the mashup beast for now. Hope you enjoy!