Waking Up to Mr. Peterson

Watching: Lilo & Stitch

Mornings usually consist of waking up at 7:15am, feeding the cat and jumping back into bed. Mr. Peterson used to just eat all the food and bum around. Now he'll only eat a bit before coming back into the room to make sure I don't sleep anymore. He often licks my nose and meows with his cat food breath.

This was an interaction I had this morning with Josie. It seemed funny at the time. I'm having trouble figuring out the correct "comic strip pacing" for it. Any suggestions?

In other news, I finally ordered myself the Bind-It-All machine. The plans? I'm going to make blank notebooks with those awesome, 1990s Marvel cards as covers/backings, make a portable food reference book (Dim Sum, Chinese Food, etc.) and to make comic strip idea books. I gotta beef up the store, ya know?

I'll post pictures once I get that stuff figured out.

And here is a picture of Grover that I Photoshop'd. I actually got this idea from talking to my coworker earlier today. Sometimes people you know look like The Muppets. Throw a jersey on, brother.