Listening to: Flobots - We Are Winning

I finally found a game that Josie can enjoy. Through all the games that I've researched and purchased within the last 10 or so months, it turns out the game that tickles her fancy is Clubhouse Games. It's a game that has been in my library for years. It has something like 42 games, including checkers. Who would've thought?

Here are a few sample booklets I made with the Bind-It-All Machine. Josie made the book on the left and I made the one on the right. It's basically filled with blank pieces of paper. I wish there was something else extraordinary about the booklets, but they're just blank notepads for someone to take notes in. I need to find some of those 1990s comic cards to make covers out of and fill the notebooks with graph paper.

I'm trying to learn the style similar to Les Maitres de L'Affiche. How's it looking?