Open Mic Hero

I was able to get: 4 hours of sleep.

I am currently working on a project called Open Mic Hero. It is essentially a toy/game for the PC that allows your to play different sounds with your Guitar Hero controller (I haven't had a chance to see if a Rock Band controller works) on your PC. It's like Frets of Fire, but with no streamlined structure and you can play whatever you want, as poorly as you'd like... so like a real open mic. In the case of the default settings, it's just guitar chords that I played on my guitar.

I'd like to keep it completely open too, so people can create and use their own sound banks. Can you imagine someone playing a Hip Hop beat on their Guitar Hero controller? Ya, it'd be pretty nerdy, but I think it'd still be neat to see... live... at an open mic.

I'll get to user profiles and being able to jam at different venues like the coffee shop, college campus and your friend's apartment. There's no win or lose conditions in the game. It's just play and the more you play, regardless of skill, the more famous you're known locally. And with fame, you can jam at more places and maybe unlock more sound banks or even have jam sessions with a band... ooo, ideas!

Anyway, if you have a 360 Guitar Hero controller, you can try out the demo too.

Demo Link: Open Mic Hero Demo