Open Mic Hero v.002a

Listening to: Star Trigon playing in the background.

Hey folks! I've got a new update on the Open Mic Hero game that I'm working on. This morning, in my half-awake state with the cat insistently meowing, I coded a few nice add-ons to the program. For more information, you can download the game and read the "readme.txt" file. In the meantime, here is a list of changes since .001a:

  • Added button icons that show which button you're pressing on screen

  • Added two modes of sound playback (Chord Mode and Lead Mode)

  • The ability to load your own sound banks Shocked

  • Keyboard support! (use the F1-F5 keys and Enter to strum)

  • The same old ugly graphics from before (which will be updated)

  • I've included two template sound banks: acoustic guitar and drum kit
  • So for those with PCs (sorry Brad, Shannon and Jerry... mew mew mew), you can download the newest version to see how it plays.

    Download: Open Mic Hero .002a

    In other news, I'm continuing some work with a friend and client of mine. I think I may start coloring more of my comics from this point on. I mean they really do look nice. Even if it's just the main characters. I'm sure somebody would care about a new Gashapon Shop comic or at least something with Rainee, Trevor, Elite and Alex in it... probably not Alex.