Bread 'n Butter

It's Feeling: Uncomfortably warm.

So I was wandering around the internet and I happened to stumble upon this online game called Bread 'N Butter. It's hosted on one of those online game sites where the games are free to play, but totally want you to spend money a la microtransactions. I hate to say it, but something about this game intrigues me to the nth degree.

The game mechanics are quite silly, to be honest. It's actually not the most intuitive game and game menu system in the world either. It took me a good poking around and stumbling in the dark to figure out what I was supposed to do (it's like the first time I ever touched a woman). Anyway.

You play little mini-games to gather ingredients for your bakery. You can only start off by doing a few of the games because other facilities, like the milking area, are things you have to eventually purchase (which takes an abnormal amount of time to acquire the money to do so). Buying those facilities means you can create more products, which in turn make you more money. You continue this cycle until you see all the facilities, all the baked goods and practically have to bury your money in an abandoned mine shaft.

I love it.

In other news, I finished working on the freelance comic strip for Squaretrade. It's for a postcard mailer they're going to send out later this year. I'll upload the full sized version once everything gets settled in regards to my deliverables to them.

Here's a screenshot of a tiny game that I'm working on in my free time. I suppose I'm trying to do something with it so I can pitch it to the company I work at. It's a simple "click by group" game mechanic (check out Casual Charts for more information regarding the over saturated casual games market). It's nothing revolutionary. It's just something that took me a few hours to get right. I'm actually happy about it because I'm learning which angle to approach these puzzle game ideas from (coding wise).

I'm also reading a book called The Road by Cormac McCarthy (the man who wrote No Country For Old Men). From reading this novel, I started thinking to myself that I really wanted to write a novelette of sorts. It would be based on this skit that we did in Theatre Rice (an old comedy/drama troupe in college) about an endless night.

It was dark outside. It was always dark. I can't remember the last time it was ever bright. As hard as I try, I don't have any memories of what the sky looked like--well, outside of the pictures you see in magazines and picture books. People say that those images are real photographs taken with real photography equipment. I don't really believe that, no. I can't say that I do.

Anyway. Maybe I'll get this done by year's end, eh?