Feeling: Absolutely fantastic, even though my game at work is shipping late. Oop!

I can't believe my eyes. The folks over at TIGSource, a wonderful blog and forum that covers some of the independent games development circles, just posted a post (that was redundant) about Open Mic Hero .002a! That's right! My video of me demoing the game and singing "Sea of Love" is now plastered on even more websites so I can feel utter embarrassment! Hooray!

I have never felt more proud in my entire life... since a few weeks ago when Josie and I bought cherries at the farmer's market.

"The project, which is still in early development, was created by Alexander Shen, who I am proud to say is also happily abusing a technical degree from Berkeley by working on comics and video games (and music)."

Article Link: TIGSource