Open Mic Hero - Version 1.0

Should Be: Dead.

I've been staying rather late at work the past few days (weeks, even) to finish up this project. I hate to say it, but the code has inexplicably imploded on itself and engineering is trying to finagle some sort of scientific contraption to rescue it out of this mess. All I can do it stand by my troops and provide whatever they need to succeed. I think Ho Hos (see: cylindrical, frosted, cream-filled cakes that are made by the Hostess company) and cowboy hats may be the answer.

In other news, when I should have been sleeping, I compiled version 1.0 for Open Mic Hero. I ultimately decided against a full-blown RPG type adventure and decided to keep it as a simple toy/application/game that lets the user do whatever they want with it.

I do have plans for Open Mic Hero II... but they are merely ideas. I have many more other fleshed out ideas in the queue and are waiting to be created.

I'll have the link up soon.

Oh, there are some updates in the gallery too. Two of the recent drawings I did for a freelance gig.