Exempt Employee = No OT Pay

Listening to: The Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes

I'm currently sitting in the office to do some work before Monday rolls around. That's the beautiful thing about being an exempt employee: you don't get OT pay because you're a professional. You're paid for your work, not your time. Does that mean I get to leave the day as soon as I'm done with all my work? Nope. I still have to be here for core hours (10am-7pm). I know there's a positive thing somewhere... oh, right! Business cards! Wait, no, I don't get those either. [grumble]

This particular blog post isn't much of an update as it is just me taking a break. I played Nightmare on Elm Street on the NES the other day for about five minutes. I couldn't enter any of the houses for some reason.

He is terrifying!

The game is terrible, by the way. It shows how far companies have come since the Nintendo days (this game was created by Rare, geniuses behind Viva Pinata). Anyway, I'll be sure to post something tonight. I've got a creative itch that needs scratchin' and I think the only way to satisfy that is with some 1" button making.