Just Ordinary

Listening to: Okami OST - Shachimaru's Theme

So, I forget if I've mentioned this to anyone but I've been contacted to do some of the art for the upcoming graphic novel anthology called Secret Identities. It's coming out in Spring 2009 and is going to be an Asian American themed superhero graphic novel/anthology with many talented contributing artists and writers. It's an honor really and I'll do what I can to do what they need.

Josie and I checked out Hellboy II: The Golden Army this afternoon. I would give it a decent rating, like something along the lines of, "Sure, go check it out." I mean if you enjoyed the first one, you should, theoretically, enjoy the second one. I felt it was a little long-winded at times and there didn't seem to be enough moments of "Oh snap!" like the first one did.

I did appreciate all the actors reprising their roles as well as George Bluth Sr. portraying one of the federal officers in charge of Hellboy himself. Very entertaining. I was expecting some folks to pop out halfway through and make rooster sounds.

So, three point five stars out of five?

Oh, and on an additional note, my neighbors are pretty lame. I dislike them and however many dozens of people they have crammed into that apartment. It's like a siesta and the only people invited are me putting a bullet through my eye.