A Typical Evening

Listening to: John Mayer - Comfortable

I've actually never had pink eye before (knock on wood, friends). I know my older brother did at one time. I forget how long ago it was. The only information I have/remember about pink eye is that you can get it by farting in each other's eyes. I believe that fact was bestowed upon me by the wise and interesting movie, Knocked Up.

This is a typical night with Josie. That girl has the "stay awake" capacity of an 80 year old woman. She's actually sleeping right now. There was a volcanic eruption outside and thousands of people were screaming at the top of their lungs. I don't think she stirred at all. I wonder what it's like to be able to sleep through almost anything. I've got this weird affinity to sound where I will be able to hear the most minute detail in a cacophony of sound. However, it's not like I have super hearing and will be able to hear everything... on the contrary, I will most likely ask you to repeat something multiple times because I didn't hear you the first seventeen times.

It's something about the wiring in my brain. It's probably somehow related to the problem I have where everyone looks like someone famous.

Time to go check out the Too Human demo I just downloaded!