Immortal: Naked Skull Man

Eating: A tiny bag of Cheese Nips.

"The first condition of immortality is death." -Stanislaw J. Lec

Story: Before a spirit is able to take their place as a demon or god, they must complete the Oni Gauntlet at their journey's end. This gauntlet is a right of passage. It is comprised of 20 floors filled with traps, dangers and other unspeakable things. The catch, however, is that when the spirit is defeated in the gauntlet they are not left there for all eternity. No. They are resurrected at the cost of a human life. The number of lives claimed at the end of this trial determine where this spirit will be and what their place is in the universe.

Gameplay: Essentially this is a platformer where you try your best to get through the 20 floors, dying as little as possible. There are no enemies, just traps to avoid. Each floor will pull from a database of 10 stages, so there are 200 different stages to see. Every time you play it will be different. At the end of the trial, a document will be created that lists the number of lives you have claimed. This will contain their full name, age and country they are from. All names are randomly generated and any relation to an existing person is completely coincidental.

Your main character is this Naked Skull Man.

I have a working one level demo of the mechanic and game. Check it out!


  • Left - Moves Naked Skull Man left

  • Right - Moves Naked Skull Man right

  • Up - Makes Naked Skull Man jump
  • (you can double jump)

    Download Link: ZIP File (1.2 MB)