Team Toast: Saviors of the Universe

Listening to: The Spill Canvas - Lay It On Me

I recently completed the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness. I must say that with all of the deaths that occurred throughout the game and the approximate investment of 20 hours into the dungeon crawling itself, I am thoroughly satisfied. I've never played a Roguelike before and thought that this was an excellent introduction to the genre. However, I most likely will not explore other Roguelikes since they are, for the lack of a better word, stressful.

Never have I so slowly walked through a dungeon, afraid of the next turn because of the fear of having to face a slew of monsters that would beat me down until I bled tears (or cried blood, whatever floats your boat). I suppose that is why, in the end, I felt like I had accomplished something much bigger than, let's say, completing Grand Theft Auto IV (which I'm about halfway through). I think the last time I died that many times in a game was when I played Dragon's Lair for the very first time.

Anyway, I beat the last boss with my characters at Level 40. The ending got me emotional, but not worthy of tears. The only thing that's made me tear up significantly and on a semi-regular basis is the swashbuckling manga, One Piece.

Now it's time to play something new. I wonder what's waiting to be opened on the shelf of Mr. Shen...