Custom Toy: Pikachu Black

Feeling: Still nauseous.

There quite a number of things to chronicle regarding this past weekend, but I'll just focus on one of the more creative efforts. I was at Target the other day and picked up a Pikachu toy on clearance. I thought to myself, "Sure, this would look neat in my cubicle and it's only $5. Hmm... I haven't done custom paint jobs in a while..." and with that, I went on my journey to customize this Pikachu to a color scheme that was more to my liking.

The first thing I did was primer the thing black. I like to use the Games Workshop primer because it has a tendency to adhere to the surface very well and keep small details apparent. Bad primer will just gloop together and destroy any traces of detail in a model piece. I guess this is why Games Workshop primer is used specifically for the Warhammer minitures.

The next step was applying the color. If you don't water down paints very well it will often lead to very heavy paint coats which, in turn, lead to very uneven drying. So the first few coats with the thinned paint will look really ugly. They'll show the color from beneath (black especially). You just have to apply around five or so coats to make it look even.

The color plan: black Pikachu white stripes, red eyes, red cheeks and white nose.

After some patience and somewhat steady hands, this is the finished product! I'm actually really happy with how it turned out. I think I'm going to go to the store and even rummage around in boxes at my parent's house for old toys that could really go for some updated colors.

See below for a few more angles of Pikachu Black.