Viva The Weekend

Listening to: Duffy - Mercy

I finished a ton of freelance work this past Friday and was actually able to enjoy this weekend without any large projects looming over my head. It was relaxing in that sense, but I ended up running many an errand all across the Bay Area instead. Amongst those things I was able to catch the film The Band's Visit with Josie. What you see above is the leading man from the film. I wouldn't say it was an incredible movie that opened my eyes to things I've never imagined before, but it certainly was a decent movie to watch about different cultures, regrets, loneliness, music and love.

I also was blessed to have the opportunity to do laundry. While waiting for our clothes to dry, Josie and I made our way to D.D.'s Discounts, which is essentially a Ross. While walking through aisles and aisles of discounted bricka brack, I passed by a woman wearing a pair of earrings that prominently displayed the word "SEXY" on them.

I believe that the people who wear earrings that say "SEXY" usually are not "SEXY". I feel that it is one of those things that you don't have to tell everyone. How would someone feel if I wore a shirt that said, "SMART" on it all the time? You'd probably think the opposite or at least expect the phrase "AND A DOUCHE" on the back of the shirt.

Anyway, she was not "SEXY". She was actually more turquoise than anything else.