Why Do They Say That?

Listening to: Sarah Blasko - Always Worth It

Why do people say things like that? I don't need my mother telling me, reminding me, to make sure that the haircut I get looks good. It's not like I was going to go to the barber and tell them, "Here's $15. Do as poor a job as possible and there may be a shiny nickel in it for you." To be honest, I am also guilty of this type of comment and line of questioning.

A co-worker took me out to lunch today and while we were on the way, I asked him, "Is this place any good?" Immediately following that I realized what a silly question that was. Of course this place was good. Why would my co-worker want to take me to a really bad place? That's just absurd.

In any case, it was pretty bad. [frowny face]

In other news, another co-worker Photoshop'd this image of me and sent it around work. It's pretty awesome.