This coffee...

Listening to: Alexander Shen - Eternal Sea: Main Theme

I was at work on Friday and decided to have a cup of instant coffee. I'm not sure why I didn't just have a cup of coffee from the coffee maker, but that point is irrelevant now. All I remember was that it wasn't any good. In fact, it tasted like poo. Hence, to oust my frustration with the world and its line of poorly created instant coffee, I had to cross-stitch it this past weekend.

In other news, I've gone and updated my little Demake Competition game some more. I wrote two songs for the game. For those who've missed out on the last update, it's basically taking Endless Ocean for the Nintendo Wii and porting it in the same style of an older, last generation system. I've provided some screen shots and a download link. Thanks for lookin', folks!

Screen Shots

Title Screen


Encyclopedia Mode

Download Link
Eternal Sea (3.5MB .ZIP)