Eternal Sea

Listening to: Co-workers in the distance.

I had a nice relaxing weekend. It was the first weekend at the new place with very little moving of furniture and home accessories. I think I ended up hanging out half a dozen frames and picked up an Ikea chair (the one that looks like it will break when you sit in it) from someone off of Craig's List.

The folks over at TIGSource are throwing another game making competition (always for fun). This time it's called the Demake competition where you essentially take a current generation game, like Super Mario Galaxy or Shadow of the Colossus, and make it for an older generation system, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System or the Atari 2600.

I've decided to take Endless Ocean for the Wii and remake it for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. You essentially swim around, take up to 30 photos of any ocean creatures you run into, and it records which ones you have seen in the encyclopedia.

The extra little feature is that certain creatures only show up a certain time of the day and year. Some are rarer than others and they also swim at different depths. Talk about increasing hours of gameplay!

You can download the first demo. You can swim around (arrow keys) and take pictures (spacebar). The only fish you can see is a school of three clown fish in the beginning. That's all. Check out that parallax scrolling!

Download Link: ZIP File