Lawnmower King - Canned

First Day: At my job at Mochi Media.

Here we have my first Flash application (it's definitely not a game). Click on the Flash application and use your arrow keys to make the little thing move around. It kind of looks like a poor man's Roomba, doesn't it?

Anyway, it was going to be a game where you push a lawnmower around to, well, mow lawns. You have to get enough money by the summer's end for whatever reason children need money nowadays. Then after some thought and memories of My Life As King, a game I thoroughly enjoyed, I decided to change it up a bit.

The new lawnmower game, now called Summer of Lawn, will be a simulation title. You don't actually do the mowing itself, but rather the simulation and statistic management. You manage the money, purchase the upgrades, run the promotions in your local newspaper, etc. You try to earn as much money as possible in 30 days. That's the goal. That's what I got to finish, in Flash, by Friday.

Anyway, I'll post more about my first day later with, possibly, some drawings.