Summer of Lawn - Elements

Listening to: Nothing.

Here are some elements from my upcoming Flash game Summer of Lawn. I'm going to go on a search today for games of similar nature: menu-driven management games that aren't really heavy on, let's say, physics based animations or crazy pseudo-FPS elements. Games like Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Football Manager. Heck, even EA's NFL Head Coach.

Granted they end up adding a lot of polish to the graphical elements within the games because, otherwise, you're wasting all that precious "next-generation power". But for a Flash game? I think I'm going to go all sprites next time for my Legend of Casino game... an RPG/casino hybrid.

I'll have to learn save state data next time for that game. Since it's Flash and I don't have a dedicated "secure server", people will most likely be able to edit that save data. How's an infinite amount of dollars? Sounds good to me, Jim.

Summer of Lawn should be out this Friday and even you Mac users (I'm looking at you Alameda and Illinois) will be able to play it.