A Tale of One City

Listening to: That Guy Alex - Ramona (cover)

So this has been roughly the third day at my new job at MochiMedia. I've been so focused on my first project that I haven't had time to surf the internet. I haven't even been able to read any articles over at Gamasutra or check up on indie games being posted in the forums. I've just been all about Summer of Lawn all day long.

Anyway. Instead of the typical post about a drawing or whatnot, I decided to upload some photos I took with my cellular telephonic device.

I was walking and I saw this sign for a car spa. Look at this thing. I would never send my car to this car spa. It's not that I don't believe that "Speed's" would treat my car well, but rather the panther that is this car spa's mascot and logo scares the crap from my pants (not to say I've crapped in them).

This is the kind of thing that is responsible for night terrors. Look at it. Look deep into its eyes. This panther is completely crazy. It's got those crazy eyes. It's the kind of panther that would eat a tire just because it could. It looks like it eats the souls of virgins for breakfast. Are those vampire teeth? He must bleach them with the bones of children. Why does it have four nostrils? Is it so it can smell your fear two times as easily?

Needless to say, I shimmied my way toward much safer areas like Bum Town and Crack Village.

I spent this afternoon in a team building experience at the Yerba Buena Bowling Lanes. After three games in two hours (my team is apparently one of the slowest bowling teams to ever exist, but we're still cool... like China), my arm felt like it was going to fall off. On the plus side, I scored a 111 in my final game. I know, there are people out there who bowl much better with their eyes gouged out. You probably look at this score and compare it to a five year old getting an A+ in "finger painting". Hey, I take any wins I can get.

Another interesting item to point out is that lanes 11 and 12 did not having seating at the "scoring console". All the other lanes did. Lanes 11 and 12 were bestowed with two metal folding chairs. I felt like I was at a church function and/or pot luck.

On the way back, I saw this forklift on the sidewalk. There was a warning sign that openly described the types of activities this forklift was not made for. Apparently you are not supposed to crush people nor raise them to new heights. Or perhaps one is not to wear a red sash in the vicinity of this forklift. In any case, it was possibly the most boring forklift in the world (as it was not being driven by myself) and children cry because of it.

Well, that's all I got. It's obviously way too late and I should be sleeping. I could not, however, because I spent most of my evening inking pages for an upcoming graphic novel anthology to be released in Spring 2009 by The New Press and other freelance work.

I'll finish off with a song that I covered for Josie a while ago. Yes, I diddle on the guitar too. It's not terrible. Feel free to stuff your ears with knives if needed. 'til we meet again!

That Guy Alex - Ramona (cover)
(download mp3)