Summer of Lawn

Listening to: Ne-Yo - Nobody

Hello! Summer of Lawn is now released in all of its 1.0 glory! I haven't seen nearly enough menu driven management games on the internet, so that was where I decided to go with this one. This is the game description:

It's summer and you only have $15 to your name! Spend the next two weeks to tackle 14 lawns in the neighborhood in this menu-driven sim game! Upgrade your mower! Buy enhancement items! Gamble your winnings away at the casino! Things you remember when you were a teen... a Summer of Lawn.

In either case, feel free to play the game on Kongregate (if you have an account already) or on my site. It doesn't matter either way. I'm actually here doing some research on the different Flash game networks and see what it's like from a "developer's point of view".

If anyone does know of menu driven games that are similar to Football Manager or My Life As King, please let me know. Thanks!

I'll admit that Flash, at this point, is just a way for me to make interactive drawings/doodles/comics. I guess that's what I always wanted.