Starmile - Chapter 1

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What you see above is the "introduction comic" for my most recent Flash game, Starmile - Chapter 1.

I guess I'm just on this crazy trend of trying to make games that they're coming out of my ears! Well, not really. Anyway, I'm starting to find that Flash is a pretty good platform for me to continue to push my games of the card and adventure genre. Adventure genre? That's right! My next game will be a point-and-click adventure game. My goal is something half as engaging as Samorost.

Anyhow, this game is one of those "click and match" ones. You're presented with an active tile in the corner, and you have to click on cards that match that ACTIVE tile. It can either be the same color or same mileage. If you click on tiles of the same color, your multiplier increases... so it's in your best interest to leave higher values tiles near the end of a color run to get a x10 on 100 miles as opposed to the x10 on 10 miles.

I know I have a picture of my cat somewhere... but I guess I'll upload it later.

I'm afraid that I'm turning into one of those crazy cat people. I mean, maybe I am going crazy. I'm wearing my headphones right now and there's no music playing. It's actually an old trick I used to play when walking down the streets of Berkeley in my college days. Headphones on, wire in my pocket, too poor to buy an audio device... but bums leave you alone.