Stinky Train

Listening to: Ne-Yo - Fade Into The Background

So I've been commuting into San Francisco, "The City", for the past two weeks. It's been an overall good experience. The train ride gives me time to do work (the company gave me a laptop with "anywhere" wireless to use), read or play my Nintendo DS. The worst part, however, are the smells that seem to linger throughout the cabin.

One time, when the train was delayed for over an hour and a half due to a horrible accident, I was sitting in front of a woman that smelled like B.O. that had been bottled to ripen with age. I felt like my skin was going to fall off. I will acknowledge that my complaint, as stinky as she was, is not to be compared to the unfortunate accident I mentioned prior.

Another time, tonight actually, a woman farted. It was not any normal fart like the kind you find at a K-Mart. No, sir. It was a very potent fart. Like, I smelled it and it felt like someone punched me in the face with a brick. A stinky, green and brown brick. I tried staring really hard at the back of her head so as to proclaim to the rest of the passengers, "This lady was the one who atomic bombed us." It smelled like someone hadn't used the restroom in seventeen years and these were the spirits of the damned, haunting us for eternity.

This is what it felt like...

She did it twice.

Ah, the mysterious odors that appear on CalTrain.