What the Dragon Ball?

There's Buzz: At the Capcom offices about my video...

Hey, someone got some crap in my Dragon Ball.

Now, I know I am biased with this because Piccolo is my favorite character from the Dragon Ball Universe. He fights with honor. He sounds like the new Batman. He can regrow and lengthen body parts at will. Greatest character ever. Vegeta does come in at a pretty close second.

This guy? He looks more like Frieza if anything. Piccolo's green. The last time I checked, which I do pretty often, "pasty albino" is not a synonym for "green". It's like someone spilled tile adhesive all over his face and punched him a few too many times.

I'm not asking for much, Hollywood. I just want a green alien with pointy ears who wears a purple gi. If I wanted a pasty fellow with unnaturally hideous skin, I'd look in the mirror with my shirt off. Thanks.