It's my last day.

Currently Trying: Google Chrome as my browser.

So, today is my last day here at Namco Networks of America. I will be moving on to bigger and better (hopefully) things at another company in the city. It's been one year since I joined this team and it's sad to leave this position of Associate Producer.

To commemorate the event, I decided to create a game for the folks at the company that made an impact in one way or another. The game is Namco Cannon.

In an interesting exchanging of information, my old coworker and friend told me that there are people in the marketing and PR world that know of my work and think I do this stuff full time and for a living. Wow, wouldn't that be a treat! If I could just draw comics, make games and make videos for a living... everything would be twenty eight shades of awesome.

Anyway, feel free to download the game here:
Namco Cannon: Deluxe Alpha Super DXII (~3 MB)

I'll most likely have a games page for it in the gallery soon.