Hey... wait a Cup Noodle minute here...

Sitting on: A bumpy train.

So, apparently Nissin (the company behind the noodle cup) is giving you (Japan residents) a chance at winning at really neat Cup Noodle vending machine to celebrate their last 38 years in the business (that's circa 1971 for those without math chops). I decided to go to the Cup Noodle webpage to watch the video about the vending machine.

I was enjoying the video until I reached the section where the onscreen model opened up the shrimp flavored Cup Noodle.

Look at those shrimp! Those things are huge! They look like sperm whales compared to the tiny brine shrimp/Sea-Monkeys we get here in the states. You could fry those things up and feed a family of seven. That is truly a galaxy of prawns. I'm also pretty sure that those yellow colored nuggets aren't corn, but golden ingots for you to haphazardly throw away.

I became disgusted as I realized the lack of quality with the stateside Cup Noodle selection and its ingredients of "flavor".

Thanks to Danny Choo for the news!