Listening to: People eating lunch.

Nothing brings people together on a train like a crazy person talking about white supremacy! Now that's a segway to a new story if I've ever heard one...

The other day, on the train, there was some strange commotion happening from behind me. I was hearing some woman complaining. The thing is that the volume and intensity of her voice did not faithfully match the context of her words. She should have been angrier, more livid and flailing body parts. The best analogy would be opening your eyes as wide as you can when you're really tired. All you're really doing when that happens is just raising your eyebrows really high, but your eyes are still half closed.

Anyway, the context of her words. The woman was talking about the strangest things. At first, she said, "You don't have to be white to be a white supremacist." She was Mexican. So, because of that, I automatically assumed she was talking about herself. Then she says, "You can't be like that. We're in the [swear words] bay area. There's colored people, black people, Asian people, islander people... I have an Asian tattoo on my back." She kept yelling real softly (or talking sort of loud, whatever) and got escorted off the train at the next stop.

All of that is irrelevant.

The part that stuck in my mind was the "Asian tattoo" part. Surely she meant she had a Chinese character on her back or maybe a Japanese phrase. However, since I didn't check, I ultimately gave her the benefit of the doubt and believed that she did indeed have "an Asian tattoo" on her back.

Thus the comic was born.