RealFlight R/C - I crash.

Listening to: "It'd be good for a subscription."

This past weekend I went to a hobby store in town with Josie. They had this computer setup with this program called RealFlight. It's basically this software that simulates actual RC plane and helicopter flying. Since I don't have the money (or interest) to actually invest in this real life, physical hobby of epic scaled proportions, I was thrilled to be able to try my hand at it in a virtual setting.

The most impressive portion of this whole thing was that it included this crazy RC controller that looked like the real thing. So this experience brought me one step closer to the RC Hobby experience.

After crashing a RC helicopter three times and a biplane two times, an 11 year old child stepped in between me and the game and started to play. He proceeded to fly the plane perfectly, doing a barrel roll and landing like it was nothing. My manhood quickly shrank as if I were in the pool.

I will admit, however, that it was fun.

I'll see if I can fake my XBOX360 controller to do this... or, you know, boot up an old Windows 95 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.