Teaser: Robot Battle Force GO!

Listening to: Michael Jackson - Remember the Time

You are looking at the Garage portion of my new Facebook game: Robot Battle Force GO! I'm pretty excited about it. When I was programming it, I was just going to have a lot of features be "part of the next installment when I learn more PHP and MySQL"... but something within just drove me to complete it as needed.

Some cool features from the game:
That really ugly half wooden/half crap robot is my robot. When you hire new robot pilots, those new pieces are accurately depicted in the Garage. So when you level up to the cooler robot pieces like those from the Spiked Armor series or Death series, you will see it on your robot.

There are individual pilot portraits for every piece. Those question marks are just ones I have yet to illustrate.

You can win prizes. The first month will net the 1st place person on the leaderboards with a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate. 2nd place will get a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate.

I plan on releasing the game this coming Monday, so if you're on my Facebook friends list, you're going to be getting an invite.