Robot In The City - Teaser

Listening to: Fall Out Boy - What A Catch, Donnie

This is the logo/teaser for my upcoming comic project: Robot In The City.

I was lucky enough to get the .com domain registered too. I'll have the site setup as soon as I get a handful of the comics in the bag. This also means, however, that Mr. Goh will be ending. Don't worry as he will be moving to the city with his robot cat. Though the following of his daily life will be less frequent, he will still be making appearances.

Most importantly, for those who have followed my work in the past, a group of characters from a previous comic strip will be making the city their home as well. I feel that it's time to let the gang live their life after the shop closed.

Keep in mind that Ritz the Robot will be the main character as he learns about what it is to be alive and what his purpose is in life. The comic will be in the continuous story arcs format, opposite of my last few projects. I'm ready to jump into it again.

Oh, and Death will be coming back as well. Brad, I'm looking in your general direction. I guess you too, Shannon.