The Hershel Engine Debut

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Today is when I debut the Hershel Engine! It's something I built in Flash that will help me create dialogue driven games, like all of the non-puzzle portions of Professor Layton games or the examination portions of Phoenix Wright games.

Some may argue that those are the boring parts of the game, but I find them interesting. I like seeing what the story holds. It's essentially a choose your own adventure type of game engine.

It actually took me a long while to get all the components working. One thing I realized while working on this engine was that a game that is driven by dialogue, but also contains items and locations, can get very messy very quickly. My spreadsheets have helped, but need some refinement to make the entire process more streamlined. It's a learning process and I can only imagine on building upon the engine more and more.

Of course, when I say "engine", it should be loosely interpreted. If I were to release it, it'd be nothing more than a .FLA file that someone would have to go and edit to their specifications. I'm not quite learned in the way of Flash to make this into an importable library, as some of the portions are still hard coded with the actual elements on stage within the IDE. Anyhow, progress to be made!

You can check out the very short demo at Shen Games.

The next adventure built with the engine will actually be more fleshed out. I'm hoping somewhere in the line of a lunch break.

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