I beat Brutal Legend... finally.

Listening to: The Beatles - Hold Me Tight

I beat Brutal Legend this afternoon. I had planned on doing some personal work after the morning errands of Target and laundry, but sat down in front of the television to try and beat this thing once and for all. The level that had been giving me trouble was the Sea of Black Tears RTS level.

Yes, I've been having "some trouble" completing this game. I had been playing (and failing) this particular level six times before jumping on my soapbox and proclaiming the ridiculousness of the game's RTS levels. I complained to my coworkers. I complained to my pillow. To summarize, I disliked the RTS levels. I disliked them a lot. I beat them because I had to in order to progress through the hilarious story. Now don't get me wrong, Brutal Legend as an entire package is fantastic. The world that the Double Fine team crafted was amazing and it really drew me in like a dangerous rip in the fabric of time. The melee combat was fun enough and it just oozed metal charm. It was just those damned RTS levels...

Anyway. I beat it today. It took a good two and a half hours. It's 3:30pm and I have about half an hour to try to get some work done before Josie comes home.

It was worth it though.

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