DJ Hero is going to be awesome.

Listening to: Nothing.

I stopped by a Fry's this afternoon and noticed that they had the DJ Hero demo setup in the video game section. Not having actually tried out the demo yet, I jumped on and experienced it firsthand. The first thing I realized was that playing the game on the little DJ controller felt a lot less embarrassing when compared to picking up a plastic guitar for the same purpose. Secondly, the mashup that played (Marvin Gaye vs. Gorillaz) was amazing and blew my mind.

You see, it was no longer the novelty of "playing music" to your favorite songs, but rather experiencing your favorite songs in a completely new way. It wasn't just a new physical experience, but a completely new aural experience as well. I'm pretty sure that once these songs get played over and over again, I'll feel the same way about them as I do about the Guitar Hero/Rock Band roster of songs. However, for the time being, DJ Hero is at the advantage of having completely new music paired up with the new control scheme.

The controller felt nice. The turntable had some weight to it and pulling off things on the medium difficulty didn't seem too taxing, yet offered a decent amount of challenge. The fader was also an interesting touch. I'm still getting used to the idea of how it works, but it felt responsive enough. I liked how they added the "center position" for the fader, even though that is opposite of how a fader on a real mixer feels, as that type of precision is required in a game that offers no leniency in order to score points.

All in all, I'm very excited about its release this week. I plan on scratching my way to eternal bliss very soon.

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