San Jose "Rock 'n' Roll" 1/2 Marathon!

Listening to: Nothing.

So, the San Jose "Rock 'n' Roll" 1/2 Marathon is tomorrow! This will be the first physical anything that I'll be competing in and it's pretty gosh darned exciting. Well, "competing" isn't the right word here. I'm not trying to actually win the race, per se. I'm more interested in finishing, getting my little medal and stealing all of the bananas.

In any case, for anyone who is interested in following the event, you can track my progress (and the progress of anyone else you may know) on their website: here.

This is the information you need:
Bib Number: 9136
Name: Alexander Shen

Woo! Blisters! If you don't see me on Monday, you'll probably know why.

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