Homeless People Have a Lot of Hair

Listening to: David Tao - Regular Friends

I was walking to work and passed by a relatively grizzly looking homeless man. After a short moment of rampant eye-avoidance and talking into my imaginary cellphone, a thought creeped itself across my brain.

That homeless man sure had a lot of hair.

Then I started thinking about the roster of homeless people I've passed by (regulars who hang out by the Bart station, for example) in my entire life and their hair situation. Much more often than not, they had fulls heads of hair. They also happened to have full beards as well. They were wild and untamed, like their hearts.

I'm not sure if there's some kind of scientific correlation to all of this, but it's just something to think about. Perhaps it can be a conversation starter the next time you're out with a date and you're reached that awkward moment between "ordering" and "waiting for the food to arrive". Yuck! So awkward!

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