Shen Games Update / Abandoned Project: Ikuze

Listening to: Nothing.

I did a little housecleaning over at the Shen Games site by changing the side menu into a top menu instead. It seemed appropriate. I like the way it feels now and the games catalog feels a bit more spread out with more room to breathe.

I also decided to be a bit more candid and open about my development process and the things that I'm working on. What falls into "things I'm working on" also includes projects that I've abandoned. I feel that as a person who makes things that it's also important to look into the works of others. From that work you will see those things that eventually became a finished product or those that became forgotten. There are great lessons to learn from both.

Ikuze is such a product of the latter category. You should check it out to see a working demo of the project.

I got a strike of lightning on the train ride home, and eagerly anticipate development for that game soon.

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