"Going the Distance 2: Escape from OMFGITSTOOLATE" Coming Soon!

Listening to: Nothing.

Here is a screenshot of my newest Flash game Going the Distance 2: Escape from OMFGITSTOOLATE. It is the sequel to the first Going the Distance game. I created it for the Mochi November contest where the theme is "60 Seconds or Less". I figured it would be a great idea to actually take part in something that I started, otherwise I would just seem like some douche with a "holier than thou" attitude, telling developers what to do because "I know better". Gosh, golly! If anything, I'm appreciative of the fact that they let me in their club and we can share ideas together. These guys really are geniuses.

Anyway, I should have the game released very soon (hopefully with a sponsor so I can buy more Christmas presents for more folks).

Also, I have my Mr. Peterson point-and-click adventure game coming out soon. Just have some artwork to do. I imagine it'll be a holiday surprise.

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