I saw this guy on the train today.

Listening to: Nothing.

When I was on the way home today, after many a delay, I saw this man standing by one of the public transportation exits.

There's nothing much more to say outside of the fact that he clearly made an impression on me. The man had tattoos of tears on his face. I've seen television. I know what that means. It's not something someone does "for fun" because someone dared them to do it in college. It's not like a butterfly tattoo on the small of a girl's back or some internet meme "cleverly hidden" on your calf. His face, folks.

From what my imagination tells me, and I regard as a creditable source, those tears were tattooed with the black blood of the devil himself.

I also realize that I've made a reference to "[something] of the devil himself" twice this month. It must be all that talk about video games lately because, as Fox news tells us so often, video games are evil. Boy, I sure do love me some video games.

What are you still doing here? Go play some video games.

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