Stuff I Like - #1 - Milkshakes

Listening to: Nothing.

I decided that it would be fun to illustrate (or perhaps some other "skill-based verb") things that I particularly like. Outside of the fact that things I like make me happy, which I'm sure is hard to believe, it further motivates me to do something creative and productive with my time.

Anyway, milkshakes. Those things are delicious. My favorite has always been strawberry, ever since I was a kid. My brother was a chocolate kind of guy. I feel like there's nothing better than a milkshake on a warm summer day or coupled with your disgustingly large hamburger and order of fries. Sometimes it goes just fine with a breakfast meal consisting of pancakes, eggs and a side of meat. I really can't think of a bad time to have milkshakes...

No, even lactose intolerance is worth it for a milkshake.

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