Further proof that Lady GaGa is a retarded genius.

Listening to: Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight

Lady GaGa (aka Stefanie Germanotta) has us all wrapped around her finger. Her hits on the radio, for the most part, are catchy as hell. She's got this crazy "what the hell is up with this chick?" thing going, a show business trick that forces an artist's downward spiral to nothingness since it's not something that is sustainable. The gimmick often wears off too quickly.

So this video shows that behind the makeup, costumes and electrifying crazy is actual talent. Actual talent as a musician and talent on manipulating the public's perception. She knew that her talent alone wouldn't be enough, or rather she didn't want to rely entirely on the off-chance that it would be enough, so she went with shock value (see: Lady GaGa).

I think that's the scariest thing of all. You combine the Lady GaGa with this deep rooted maniacal genius scientist lady and you have a force that's going to suck us all in like 2012--the movie, not the onset apocalypse, because John Cusack's acting is like gravity.

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